Affordable Private Yoga Tuition

Private Yoga Lessons:

£50 Per Hour.

Private Yoga Lessons - Upward dog on the grass Sudbury Suffolk & Norwich

Why choose a private yoga lesson?

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, I am happy to share my knowledge and experience in the physical practice of Hatha and Power Yoga with you.

I know how powerful and life changing developing a regular yoga practise can be and I hope to be able to encourage and motivate you to integrate this fantastic physical movement technique into your life.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn about yoga and develop your own practise.

Personal tuition is the best way to learn. Receiving one to one lessons is more rewarding and beneficial as you get complete attention and adjustment. This is especially useful for people who are coming to Yoga for medical or health reasons, as the classes will be tailored specifically to your condition and needs.

On your first lesson . .

In the first lesson we will sit and have a chat about what it is your expecting and what you would like to get from your yoga practice. It is important for me to understand your expectations as it means I will be able to tailor the lessons accordingly.

We will go through some simple postures movements and concepts that will introduce you to the practice and also allow me to observe your ability and see where you are at. We will need to have a good sized space to practice in, preferably free from distractions (other people/phone calls etc).

If you have a mat that’s great, if not I can bring a spare for you to use.

For beginners I teach Hatha Yoga with a focus on holding each posture with correct alignment and introducing some of the more simple dynamic movements that are available. My more advanced students will be encouraged to take on challenging sequences and postures to encourage the development of strength as well as improving flexibility.

I really love teaching private lessons and hope to be able to guide you in your Yoga practice.

I am able to travel locally to you.

Tip: Get your friends involved and split the cost.

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