About Me

Just who is this Laurence person anyway?

Laurence is registered as a Senior Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals. His journey in Yoga was almost accidental. It all started on a trip to India with some friends who wanted to go and try out a yoga class. Laurence was initially not so keen on the idea, but luckily for him he let them talk him into going. All it took was just those two hours of bending, stretching, and breathing on a wicker mat crawling with ants with some crazy Indian guy (who would become his first teacher), and bam! He was in love with the practice. He had for the first time in his life tapped into something special: the present moment. He immediately noticed a change in his awareness of the world, and he wanted more. This physical experience that he had found on the yoga mat was a perfect match for the study of eastern religious philosophy that he had studied at university, and it wasn’t very long before he was a dedicated yogi on a mission to learn all he that he could about this ancient mystical practice.

Since then, Laurence has returned to India many times, where he continues to train and learn from various teachers in various locations. He studied alignment based Hatha Yoga in the Himalayas in North India. He spent time living in ashrams learning various meditation techniques. He travelled to Mysore in the south of India to experience Ashtanga. Most recently, he studied Ayurvedic Yoga massage techniques. He still remains open to learning and continues to expand his knowledge and practice by experiencing new styles of yoga. This varied background of yoga ‘lineages’ that Laurence has been exposed to has given him a rounded practice and a deep understanding of the subtleties of the practice.

This is what Laurence has to say for himself;

“I came to yoga by chance, and it was a life changing experience for me. I immediately noticed that my body and mind felt lighter, like I had released some past emotional pain through simply stretching and breathing! That was in 2008, since then I haven’t stopped exploring the potential that yoga has. It still amazes me every time I practice. Suffice to say my physical body has become stronger and more flexible and still continues to do so. I am more confident, and generally happier within my own skin and life. I want to share this with everyone. Whilst, of course, I cannot and would not guarantee that practicing yoga will have the same results for everybody, I do believe that the tools that we have in yoga are very powerful. It is my passion and joy to share these tools so that everyone can have the same opportunity to make lasting positive changes in their life.”

Picture of Laurence smiling by a river, his hands are in a Yoga Prayer position, Sudbury, Suffolk. Norwich
Laurence doing a yoga backbend - Upward Facing Dog. In Sudbury, Suffolk. Norwich