Yoga with Laurence in Norwich

Energising Hatha Yoga:


the Yoga Studio Norwich,

38-40 Magdalen Rd

Norwich, NR3 4AG

United Kingdom

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Every Wednesday evening, from 19:15 – 20:30.

How much does it cost:

£40 for six lessons when pre-booked, or £8 for a single lesson


Yoga is for all!

Class Information

By combining elements of Ashtanga with traditional alignment based Hatha Yoga, I have created this class aimed at students who want to develop their own a dynamic, invigorating Power Yoga practice. The classes are structured in a very similar way each week, and you will learn meditation techniques, sun salutations, standing poses, strength building exercises, traditional seated postures and movements, and deep relaxation techniques. This class is open to students of all levels. You will be encouraged to find your own limits and pace within the practice, always honouring what your body is capable of. Through repetition you will quickly notice that your body is becoming more supple, stronger and your mind more equanimous. Sounds good huh? so why not come and join us every week as we safely cover the basics and learn how to build and develop your own yoga practice in a fun and engaging way

Be warned though, you might just surprise yourself!

I like to keep the classes fun and really endeavour not only to guide you through your practice but also to educate you about the reasons we do each specific movement or posture. My aim in doing this is to give you a practice that you feel confident doing on your own, anywhere, anytime. Use the calendar on at the Yoga Studio Norwich webpage to reserve your space, and come along to learn how to jump, float, fly and soar.

If you are interested in learning more about Yoga and my teaching style please click here to view my Yoga information page.

Check out the video below, a demonstration of some of the postures and movements that we will cover in class.

How To Book

To reserve a space please visit the timetable by clicking HERE, book the dates you would like to attend, and then bring the correct cash with you to the class.

If you have any queries please contact me. 

If you cannot make it on Wednesdays I am also available for private lessons.


Please arrive early, especially for your first class as you will need to fill an intake form. You can fill out the form online before your first class by clicking here.

Bring some water.

Relaxation is done on the floor, please consider bringing your own blanket to keep you warm. Don’t worry if you forget, there are spares at the studio.

If you have your own mat that you’d like to bring that’s great, if not don’t worry there are spares.

To view the class location on a map please click here

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any enquiries.

You can connect with me by liking my Facebook page which is regularly updated.

You can view my listing with the UK Yoga Alliance by clicking here.

Thanks and I hope to see you in class.

– Laurence