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Wonderful Therapeutic Massage in Sudbury

Your local massage therapy service offering amazing therapeutic massages that combine contemporary and traditional techniques to put your needs first. If you’re looking for massage in Sudbury, look no further. Whether you need a relaxing back massage, are looking to lessen pain or increase mobility with some deep tissue release, or want to stretch it all out with an empowering Thai style massage treatment there is something for you. Use the calendar at the bottom of this page to book your treatment.

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Looking for Pain Relief? Tailor Your Own Bespoke Massage

My treatment room is at Equilibrium Therapies, in the heart of Sudbury, Suffolk (view location on a map). This is also the home of Equilibrium Complimentary Therapies. The treatment room I have there is fully equipped for my Deep Tissue Yoga Massage and is a sanctuary from the stresses of the outside world. Most people who come to me are looking for relief from some pain, This could be backache, headache, tension in the neck and shoulders or some other issue which if left untreated will only get worse with time. I will not only use massage therapy to help alleviate symptoms of the immediate problem, and help prevent it occurring again, but it is also my mission to educate on the causes of problems and teach some simple lifestyle changes that if followed will prevent the pain or the problem recurring. This could be a life changing experience.

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Once you arrive we will have an initial consultation, at this time you will be asked about what type of massage treatment you are interested in, and whether you have any specific problems, aches or pains that you might like addressed. A bespoke treatment will then be tailored for your requirements. Working this way means that you can be sure that the most appropriate techniques are offered to suit your needs.

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Regular Massage is Good for You

I often tell my clients that massage is like exercise, if you want to get the most out of it then you really need to keep coming back to it. Working out once might make you feel good, but its effectiveness is going to diminish if you do not keep coming back to repeat your exercise. Aside from anecdotal or experiential evidence supporting this idea, we now have some serious scientific studies that are bringing to light some of the benefits that regular massage can bring. I hope to have a blog up soon on this topic, so please check back soon. 

Thai Massage Style Deep Tissue Treatments With Assisted Yoga Stretches.

I specialise in deep tissue work combined with assisted stretches. This is a type of massage that originated in Pune, India and is similar to, but not the same as Thai massage.  For More Information about Ayurvedic Yoga Massage treatments please click here. Another method that I can use is trigger points, where pressure is applied and held on specific muscle fibres. Releasing tension in this way is one of the best methods to ease physical discomfort and help correct musculoskeletal problems. The way that I work means that I often combine elements of different massage styles within a treatment. Prices are allocated by the amount of time that you need so for example a 60 minute Yoga massage will cost the same as a 60 minute walking massage. 

Booking Your Massage in Sudbury is Easy

Step 1.

Consider how long you would like your treatment to be from the following options.

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Step 2

Use the calendar below to request your preferred start time for your treatment.

Step 3

Enter your details into the calendar and click ‘Book Appointment’.

Step 4

Sit back and relax. I am checking over my availability and will get back to you via email with a confirmation as soon as I can (usually within 24 hours of your booking request). In most cases your treatment will be booked for your requested time, however in some rare cases we will need to reschedule for a different time that suits us both.

Step 5

Come along to Equilibrium Therapies on Station Road, Sudbury, and let me take care of the rest. Click here to view my location on a map.

To view more details about the treatments please click here.

Special Offer: Winter Stress Release – £20

A wonderful indulgent Christmas present to yourself. 30 minutes of massage bliss. To take advantage of this offer simply select 30 minutes: Tension Release and apply the code HappyChristmas. Then sit back and let me take care of the rest. Offer valid on all bookings taken until 31st of December.

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For call out visits where you will receive the treatment from the comfort of your own home, please contact me directly so that we can discuss times and dates that suit us both. I only charge an extra £10 for call outs.