Ashtanga Workshop

September in Norwich

Introduction to Ashtanga for Beginners

September in Norwich 

Workshop Description:

Have you heard of Ashtanga but not sure what it is?

In this workshop I will introduce the main aims and methods of ashtanga, so that you  can get a good idea of what makes it different from other yoga practices. We will explore how breath, locks, gaze, and repetitive movements are employed in Ashtanga to focus and hone your mind.  We will finish with a sample a short ‘primary series’ practice. My aim with this workshop is to demystify the ashtanga tradition and maybe encourage and inspire you to regularly try it yourselves.

How the Booking Process Works

How the booking process works:

Step 1: Select a workshop.

Use the calendar to select the workshop you would like to attend, making sure that you have the correct date and time selected. Please note I only accept online bookings.

Step 2: Complete your booking.

Complete your payment using Paypal, credit or debit card. If you are having difficulty with completing your payment please click here to checkout the handy payment guide I made to help you.

Step 3: Wait for your confirmation email.

I will check the details of your booking then personally send you a confirmation email out as soon as I can. I try to get this done within 48 Hours but it may be longer depending of my schedule. If there are any errors with your booking I will let you know at this stage. Your confirmation email will have all the details of your booking, including location, dates, times, what you need to bring etc. so please take the time to read through it all carefully.

Step 4: Fill out an attendance form (new students only).

For new students I require you to fill out a class attendance form. To expedite the process it can be done in advance online. A link to the form is provided after you complete your booking and will also be included in your confirmation email.

Step 5: See you at the workshop.

Make a note of the workshop date and time so you don’t forget. Smile and relax! I look forward to seeing you in soon.

Please remember:

I only accept online bookings.

Your space is not confirmed until I have received your payment and sent you out a confirmation email.

Every 12 hours, the system automatically clears any unfulfilled orders. It is therefore imperative that you complete your payment quickly to avoid disappointment.

Regarding cancelations:

If you have made a booking but can no longer come I operate a 24 hour cancellation policy. This means that if you let me know with more than 24 hours notice before the start of the class I will refund your booking fee. I do however keep a £1 processing fee for each cancelled workshop.

Changing class dates:

If you would still like to come to class on another date please email me directly and if there is space I will be happy to move your booking for you, however this must be arranged 24 Hours before the class start time, if it not then it will count as a cancellation and you will still be charged for the lesson.